Bloomington, IN

The Owlery– There are a surprising amount of veggie options in this little college town in Indiana. We chose the Owlery, as it was right near the club we were playing in downtown Bloomington. The Owlery turned out to be a solid vegetarian restaurant, there slant is ‘vegan comfort food’, which I’m not a fan of but they did have some good lighter dishes on the menu. I went with the Sesame Miso Bowl and side salad. Brown rice, with steamed Kale, Baked seasoned Tofu, golden beets, sunflower seeds and carrot with a Sesame- Miso dressing. While I’m not crazy about tofu in general, the dish was great. The server was super nice and I dug the casual atmosphere with all the Owl themed paintings and doodads. definitely worth a stop, if in Bloomington looking for healthy eats.