Bellingham, WA

Maikham- I have always struggled to find healthy options when we are playing in Bellingham. There is the Co- Op organic market, which has a juice bar and good options but closes way early, as do many restaurants in the area. Before the show last night we discovered this Laotian restaurant. Laotian food seems to be very similar to Thai but with some different veggies and spices. We both got curries, I chose the Red Curry. It was totally vegan and they were fine with no tofu and giving me extra veggies (always a plus). The highlight at Maikham was the fresh roll. It was indeed fresh and very tasty! They also had housemade peanut sauce, which was a nice touch. The ambiance is super casual, you order at the counter and the prices are reasonable. $10 for a curry with brown rice. Also the owner was very friendly and explained how they are a new place and she is trying to offer healthy options and cater to people seeking vegetarian food in Bellingham. Thumbs up for that!