This episode's guest is Rapper Kuf Knotz. Kuf has been putting out killer records and touring all over for years and does so while maintaining a vegan lifestyle and sharing his positive message throughout the world.

In this conversation:

  • Not having phone for a year and the freedom he gained from that experience

  • Personal crisis and tragedy leading to growth

  • Kuf’s spiritual path and exploration

  • His path to veganism, stemming from his fathers death and learning from his family medical history

  • Dr. Malachi York

  • Importance of fasting

  • 3 to 4 month cycle of diet: Fasting/Cleanse>Raw foods>Strict Vegan>Vegan

  • His record Positive Light and making a positive album in the current culture of hiphop and how that record was a direct result of a raw diet. The effect that had on writing, lyrics, message

  • Touring plant based vegan as a band and what that brought to the band as a whole, the performances and the value of eating together/building together

  • XPN- Community outreach through music

  • The importance of belief in your self and how that connects with health and maximizing your performance


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    Tourganic Podcast Theme song 'The Path' written by David Bailis and this episode's musical interludes by Kuf Knotz