Philadelphia, PA

Falafel Hummus and Juice Bar- I was hungry before the show in the Fishtown section of Philly and didn't have much time. I was quite fortunate to find this little spot. The owner greeted me with a smile and assured me what I was ordering was vegan.

I got the veggie platter and was not disappointed. There are only a few tables and the vibe is very laid back and the prices are affordable. Definitely nothing fancy but that was just what I was looking for. Philly has many great spots for healthy eaters and Falafel Hummus is no exception.

Philadelphia, PA

FuelThis spot is actually located in a suburb of Philly. Ardmore PA, where we played at the Ardmore music Hall. Just down the block from the venue, I found this place Fuel.  It was a quick, healthy cafe. I like the casual order at the counter vibe. The prices are pretty good and there were alot of options on the menu. They had veggie juice and rice bowls, which looked great but I went with the fuel chopped salad which was just what I needed. Definitely recommend this place if your looking for a quick, casual, healthy meal.

**The venue, Ardmore Music Hall also had a good restaurant with a Mediterranean flare. The cook was accommodating to our dietary requests and the ambiance was cool.