Santa Barbara, CA

Solid gourmet deli in Santa Barbara, right down the street from Soho music Hall where we played in Santa Barbara. I love that they list their organic items on the board right where you walk in. They have a salad bar with great specialty items like sun dried tomatoes, hearts of palm, roasted garlic, different nuts/seeds as well as the usual veggies and greens and Braggs organic dressings. It is $10.95 a pound, which is pretty steep considering the salad bar is not totally organic. The case has some great prepared dishes as well. I got the forbidden rice salad, which was organic black rice with sweet potato and some other veggies, which was great! The ambiance is nice with a small fountain in the center of the dining room. Overall, Savoy Cafe is a good, casual healthy food stop in Santa Barbara. Glad I found it.