Park City, UT

Good Karma- Park City is such a great place, the mountains are amazing and the vibe there is always fun. In addition to playing a fun show at Park City Live, I had an amazing day snowboarding up on the mountain. Park City is a small ski resort town and eating plantbased and healthy there can be tricky- especially without breaking the bank as Park City is super expensive. I have found that Good Karma is a great option. They are located just outside of the downtown area, which I think helps keep the prices a bit more reasonable.

Good Karma serves Indian and Persian cuisine with a bunch of vegan/vegetarian and healthy options. They have an organic curry of the day, which they prepare vegan, that has been my go to. My bandmates have gotten the other curries/entrees and really have enjoyed their dishes. A vegetarian entree runs about $15, which is really winning for Park City prices. The staff are nice and hospitable as well. Good to see this place is living up to its name- Good Karma