By Chloe- In the midst of a super busy NYC work day, I was in the West Village with friend and we ducked into By Chloe to check it out. I have heard alot of people talking about it, as well as lots of love for them on instagram from the NYC vegan community. The vibe is pretty 'fast foodie', it was packed but the line moved fast and the wait for our food was not long.

We got the Guac Burger and the Quinoa taco salad. They both were very good, although you get more bang for your buck with the salad, as the burger was close to $12 and came with no sides (sorry but way too expensive)

In spite of the prices, the quality was great and they were quick, which both must be big factors as to why this place is so popular. Also I give them credit for being 100% vegan, using 'some' organic ingredients, strictly non GMO ingredients and offering gluten free (for an extra $2.50- ouch!!). NYC has tons of incredible plant based and healthy restaurants but By Chloe does fit a niche that seems to be doing quite well and is definitely worth checking out if near one of their locations.

New York, NY

Candle Cafe- Always happy to do a post on a local favorite- Candle Cafe has been a staple in the NYC plantbased community since 1993! This Upper East Side organic, vegan restaurant offers amazing salads, veggie burgers, entrees and has a juice bar as well. I’ve never been disappointed with what I ordered at Candle. On my recent trip, I had the portobello and black bean burger, which is made in house and is stellar. I love to get the 'Good Food Plate', which entrée of sides where you can choose 4 sides and 2 sauces- You can’t go wrong with that option. The prices are up there but not out of hand, especially for UES Manhattan organic. While the salads are a bit small for the price, in general, the portion sizes are on point. Also fyi, Candle Cafe has a more upscale sister restaurant a few blocks away called Candle 79, which is getting into full on gourmet dining- plantbased style. I usually stick with the more casual vibe of the original Candle Cafe. The space is bright, clean and the staff is always super friendly. If you are in NYC and looking for a healthy option for lunch/dinner, Candle Cafe is always a great spot to check out.

New York, NY

Taim- Hands down the best falafel in NYC. Might be controversial but I say it with confidence! Taim makes everything in house, they offer 3 different types of Falafel- Green, Harissa and Red. Each one is better than the next. Taim has whole wheat pita and all the veggies/falafel fix ins are so fresh. This is the falafel spot for vegans and healthy minded people as they are completely vegetarian and clearly state what items have eggs and are gluten free etc. The price for a falafel sandwich is around $7, which is pricier than others in the city but soooo worth it. Taim is not to be missed!