Hello good people! I am David Bailis and welcome to my blog Tourganic. I give updates on how I live a healthy lifestyle on the road and lay out location by location reviews and advice on places that I find and how I maintain health and overall wellness on tour. I currently have over 40 cities listed on Tourganic and there are any more to come! I travel as a musician on tour constantly and have done so for many years. I eat a nutritious plantbased diet, work out daily and try to be as active as possible out there.

This blog will outline health in my daily life and hopefully can be a place where people can find out about restaurants, cafes, juice bars, venues, work out regimens, hikes, runs, living green and having an overall positive life while traveling in cities across the country and all over the world. While I eat a vegan diet and the posts reflect that lifestyle, Tourganic is not exclusionary or about creating divisions. This blog is a resource for anyone looking to feel good and live well. Whether it be for business, music or just traveling- life on the road can be rigorous and being healthy can be tough, hopefully this can help! 


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