Ironman 70.3

So stoked to have completed my first Ironman 70.3 race. It was a great experience and looking forward to the next. The training continues as the next race is in August and 2 more in September. Definitely felt the heat near the end of the ru portion on some of the ascents and my run time dipped a bit below what I normally pace at in races but I made up for it with a pretty smokin fast bike section (which I wasn't expecting!)

IM703 Finish 1.jpg


On Sunday, I raced in my fourth triathlon in a five week period. These were my first triathlons and I just began swim training for the first time less than 6 months ago. I was racing the Olympic distance and I did one sprint race. At the race 2 weeks ago, I was 3rd in my age group and my run pace was 6:38 per mile, which I was happy with. Tri racing is an endeavor that I will continue and I am excited to learn ways to improve my time specifically on the swim and bike. A few quick notes:

I completed these races with no gatorade/sugary strangely colored drinks, no gels or processed foods along the way. Simply whole foods and water. I will do a specific post about my race nutrition but happy to report that it is indeed possible to thrive without sugary processed foods/drinks, which seem to be everywhere in these races.

Another truly great positive I took away from these races was the tremendous sense of community and support from other racers, the staff and fans. So cool to connect with others in a positive way especially in a world where these interactions with strangers can sometimes be infrequent.