Superfood Green Smoothie

The weather has been so nice here in NYC, I’ve seen so many people out there getting there workout and fitness on, so here is a one of my fave superfood green smoothie recipes that I use to refuel after a long day of running, cycling, tennis, hiit, weight training etc. Enjoy!

3 kale leaves/stems

3 swiss chard leaves/stems

2 bananas

1 carrot

½ an avocado

1 kiwi

2 medjool dates

½ cup of flax seeds

¼ cup of spirulina

½ cup of hemp seeds

½  cup of coconut ‘yogurt’

2 cups of almond milk

1 cup of alkaline water

Put all in the Vitamix and boom! Your good to go! I topped this smoothie with cocoa nibs, coconut flakes and goji berries