Superfood Bar now in Denver!!

Superfood Bar- One of my favorite spots out there and Nola highlight, Superfood Bar is now open for business in Denver. Around a year ago, Superfood guru Joseph Stone launched the Denver location and it appears to be going great. Denver is fortunate to have this addition to its array of healthy food options. The smoothies are incredible and you pretty much can't go wrong with any order at Superfood Bar. I love the wraps as well (pictured). Any trip to Denver will now always take me to the Superfood Bar after a morning workout. 

PS Soon to be released: Tourganic Podcast with Joseph Stone of Superfood Bar. Joseph drops tons of gems on living healthy and how to craft a diet on that will sustain you on the road.


Superfood Green Smoothie

The weather has been so nice here in NYC, I’ve seen so many people out there getting there workout and fitness on, so here is a one of my fave superfood green smoothie recipes that I use to refuel after a long day of running, cycling, tennis, hiit, weight training etc. Enjoy!

3 kale leaves/stems

3 swiss chard leaves/stems

2 bananas

1 carrot

½ an avocado

1 kiwi

2 medjool dates

½ cup of flax seeds

¼ cup of spirulina

½ cup of hemp seeds

½  cup of coconut ‘yogurt’

2 cups of almond milk

1 cup of alkaline water

Put all in the Vitamix and boom! Your good to go! I topped this smoothie with cocoa nibs, coconut flakes and goji berries

Louisville, KY

Life Bar- This juice bar has incredible options, creative superfood smoothies and awesome vegetable blends (smoothies) and it’s all organic. The only downside is that this comes with a significant price tag. But hey you have to pay for quality, right? I got the It’s Not Easy Being Green, a green veggie smoothie and added the raw vegan protein. It was so good but cost $11.50, so just be ready if/when you come here. Everyone in my crew loved what they ordered, although my friend was priced out on the $10.50 juices and didn’t get anything. Still the array of superfoods and organic smoothie options would keep me coming back here despite the hit to my wallet.