Post Run Nutrition in San Diego

Vitality Tap- San Diego has some of the best weather in the US, so its a prime spot for long runs and outdoor fitness. I enjoyed a 15 mile run on my first day there and needed some plant-based nourishment stat! Luckily I found Vitality Tap, which I ended going to every morning I was in town. They have a great selection of superfood smoothies, bowls, juices and hot food as well. All organic as well! I got the Acerola smoothie bowl and avocado toast and both were winning. I had a good hang with the owner Eddie, who was a great dude as well. Definitely recommend supporting Vitality Tap when in SD, they will not disappoint.


Ispwich, MA

Lemon Tree- On our annual trip up to northshore of Massachusetts for the holidays, I always make a point to support a few local spots serving plant-based food and healthy food. I have already posted about my faves:

Life Alive in Salem and

Organic Cafe in Beverly but I have yet to give Lemon Tree a shout out!

Lemon Tree’s smoothies are really creative and nutritious, I always look forward to the Toad smoothie (with peppermint oil) when I’m on my way after a good workout. They also have lots of raw, vegan goodies and some hot items too. There aren’t many places like Lemon Tree on the area and I’m thankful they are going strong.


Good find after my run outside of Philly

Raw Can Roll Cafe- After a good run in Valley Forge National Park, I found this vegan cafe in Wayne, right next to the Whole Foods. The owner is such nice guy and made me a giant smoothie bowl. It was so good that I had to bring the band back for lunch before we headed out of town. So cool to see a small local spot with such healthy food options in that area. The portion sizes are so generous, the kale salad is enormous!

If you are in the area, please support Raw Can Roll! This place is on point.

photo 4.jpg

Superfood Bar now in Denver!!

Superfood Bar- One of my favorite spots out there and Nola highlight, Superfood Bar is now open for business in Denver. Around a year ago, Superfood guru Joseph Stone launched the Denver location and it appears to be going great. Denver is fortunate to have this addition to its array of healthy food options. The smoothies are incredible and you pretty much can't go wrong with any order at Superfood Bar. I love the wraps as well (pictured). Any trip to Denver will now always take me to the Superfood Bar after a morning workout. 

PS Soon to be released: Tourganic Podcast with Joseph Stone of Superfood Bar. Joseph drops tons of gems on living healthy and how to craft a diet on that will sustain you on the road.


Telluride, Co

As the summer just came to a close, I'm going to do some Tourganic summer throwbacks posts to some great spots I hit up in my travels but haven't posted about yet. These two spots are right next to each other and share an outdoor space. They are both definitely worth checking out. There aren't a ton of (healthy) restaurants in Telluride and both these will take care of the hungry traveler in this idyllic location in Colorado.

Caravan- Caravan is a small stand that offers great smoothies. They offer Mediterranean food, although I have never gotten the food, as I always head to Caravan for the 'Whole Meal Vegetable' smoothie. This is a true winner! Made with with Kale, Carrot, Strawberry, blueberry, rice milk, apple, tahini (!), quinoa and a house made vegan protein mix- All for $8, which is pretty reasonable given the prices in Telluride can be a bit out of hand. I love this place after a great workout, mountain run, hike or tennis when I'm in Telluride.

La Cocina de Luz- My other staple in Telluride is the Mexican spot- La Cocina de Luz. They certainly have great options for everyone but I am a huge fan of the vegan plate, which has just about everything you'd hope to get in a Mexican restaurant. The salsa bar is also on point!  The veggies are fresh and everything is prepared just right. The outdoor space is an ideal setting to have a meal. Sometimes the line can be pretty serious here but it moves fast so don't be discouraged! Overall, La Cocina is a great look if your in Telluride looking for a healthy options for dinner or lunch.

Charlottesville, VA

The Juice Place- What a crucial stop on a long drive from a festival in West Virginia heading to Richmond, VA. Charlottesville came though for us with this juice, smoothie and health food spot in the downtown area. They have smoothie and acai bowls, veggie juice, superfood boosters and other good options. The green smoothie bowl I got was so good! As was the juice. I got the 'Cold Kicker' juice and they let me substitute parsley and kale instead of apple. I also had the 'Rich Green" smoothie bowl (No kefir add banana). It was awesome! Just what I needed. They had some organic produce listed but not 100% OG. Overall, the prices were great, they were fast and although not the most creative name, 'The Juice Place' is a total winner!

Salt Lake City, UT

PULP– Great juice and smoothie bar in downtown SLC. Prices are awesome (although not organic) I Love the options on the menu. I got a grasshopper smoothie with almond milk and hemp protein, which was a killer post workout drink. Also got a green juice, which was on point. My buddy also got an acai bowl. The only thing about this spot is that it is tricky to find! Kind of a strange location in a gym that’s in a big mall. You have to navigate through this shopping mall and find the correct elevator to the 3rd floor and the finally there is the juice bar located in The Gym. It’s worth the effort though!


WORKOUT- Tennis Round came through for me again in SLC and I found a good teaching pro looking to hit. We found some nice public courts in Liberty park that were empty courts but man, it was windy! Always beautiful to hit in the mountains though!

Chico, CA

Fresh Twisted Cafe– Solid juice and smoothie spot. Really nice guys that work there. They have lots of options and the juices are priced well, although not organic. The place is kinda hard to find so be in the lookout! I think our google maps directions led us astray. Def worth checkin out if your passing through or live in the area and looking for a quick juice stop.