Chicago, IL

Urban Vegan-These guys do a nice job with this casual asian themed vegan spot in Chicago. The menu had a lot that looked good and I love that they had combo plate options, which included spring roll and salad for $12. I had the Spicy Eggplant dish with extra veggies and no tofu and it was great but really SPICY!! This eggplant had serious heat, I like spicy foods but I’d imagine some people would’ve sent that back and it would have been too much to handle. The lighting and decor is pretty bare bones and not much vibe but it still kinda works and we had a totally pleasant meal there. The turnaroud is pretty quick there as it was was full when we arrived but didn’t have to wait and the service was solid. Overall, a good option for vegan/healthy cuisine in Chicago.

Daily workout- I was lucky to link up with someone through tennisround and play tennis in Leahy park in Evanston. Free public courts. There were nice grass fields at the park to work out as well. Although located a bit outside Chicago, we stayed at a Holiday Inn in Skokie, not far from the park. FYI, that Holiday Inn in Skokie has a nice fitness center as well with cardio machines and weights.