I'm so excited to release the first episode of the Tourganic podcast today. This is project that I have put considerable work into and I am glad to say it is on off and running!

In the podcast I speak with touring musicians about how they live a healthy lifestyle on the road. While many of the conversations are about how and why my guests live a plant based, vegan diet on the road, the content of these conversations will have a diverse and holistic approach to focus on health of mind, body and spirit. My goal is that this podcast will give you a window in to their life and offer you some insight that will inspire you. Please check it out and if you like it subscribe and comment on iTunes. Please click on the link to access the podcast on iTunes!



Santa Cruz, CA

Cafe Gratitude- I had to make this second Santa Cruz entry to shout out one of my favorite spots when I'm traveling, Cafe Gratitude. They have multiple locations in California (see my San Diego post) and even one in Kansas City. The Santa Cruz location is a staple every time we come to town. The menu is simple and so nutritious. I usually have the 'I am Whole' bowl, which is full of plant-based nourishment. It gives me everything I need after a day of training/traveling and before a night of playing music. The prices are reasonable and I'm always grateful to find myself at Cafe Gratitude when on the road!

Virginia Beach

Virginia Beach is a fun spot and I enjoy playing there but have found eating healthy to be difficult at times. There are some great juice/smoothie bars and vegetarian oriented cafes but many close by 4 or 5pm, which can leave the hungry musician out of luck.

That's why I want to post about Thai Arroy. I don't do Thai food to often because of the use of so much sugar and the prevalence fish sauce in the preparation of entrees. We were hungry after our festival show last weekend decided to check out Thai Arroy. We got there just before they closed at 10pm. Huge props to these guys for having a separate vegan menu!! Thats what motivated me to to go there, Very grateful that they are committed to serving plantbased dishes! Everyone loved what they got. Mine was spicy!!

Overall this place was a winner. The staff was friendly and the prices were reasonable as well. Check out Thai Arroy next time your in Virginia Beach!


Portland, OR

Prasad- Prasad is one of my go to's every time we play in the great city of Portland. Luckily it was a short walk from the Crystal Ballroom where we played on this last tour. Prasad has great juices, smoothies, breakfast and lunch options but their 'bowls' are the star of the menu. I love the Dragon bowl, which comes with brown rice/quinoa, beans, steamed greens, avocado, sea vegetables, cabbage-apple kimchi, scallions, hemp & sesame seeds and your choice of a homemade sauce. These entrees are so wholesome, nutritious and a solid deal as well at $10.50.

I truly don't think you can go wrong with any of the options at Prasad. This place is a total winner! There are so many great spots in Portland and Prasad no exception! I highly recommend Prasad for the hungry traveler looking for healthy plantbased options in Portland.

Eugene, OR

Viva! Vegetarian Grill- Eugene seems to always come through with great plantbased food for the hungry traveler. I've already posted about the Eugene classic and staple Morning Glory and the awesome vegan food truck Coalesce Juicery. Neither were open when I had a free minute before soundcheck, so I set in off in search of another option for a late afternoon lunch.

I found Viva! a small little shack that serves vegan sandwiches, tacos and some appetizers. I went with the housemade falafel, which was solid. The menu isn't exactly my cup of tea but I always appreciate finding some plantbased food made with love. I definitely dig the minimalist vibe of this little spot. The only seating is under a small tarp next to there little shack where they cook the goods. Very cool spot holding it down for a certain type of vegetarian fare in Eugene!

Portland, OR

Greenleaf Juicing Company- We had a few minutes before soundcheck at the Crystal Ballroom in Portland and after a crazy workout in Seattle in the morning, I was ready for some plantbased nourishment! I was so fortunate to have found Greenleaf. They have a great smoothie/juice menu, quinoa and oatmeal bowls and super good homemade soups as well. 

They are 100% vegan and organic and the prices are really reasonable. The staff is friendly and overall the vibe in there is laid back and not uppity at all (which in my opinion is a downside of some urban juice bars)

I got a veggie juice and a green smoothie which were both on point but the the soup is definitely worth mentioning! I got the Garlic Greens soup- that alone is worth going back for. I highly recommend Greenleaf when in Portland and looking for a some healthy goodness!

I like there commitment to keeping it real!

I like there commitment to keeping it real!

Denver, CO

City o City- Denver has many great eating establishments for the healthy lifestyle and City o City is certainly one of my favorites. This hip vegetarian restaurant (with tons of vegan options) is super popular and constantly packed.  They have great menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner and City o City is also opened late night, which has saved me a few times with a healthy dinner after our shows.

This time we went for brunch and there were many dishes that looked great. I went out on a limb and tried the kimchi pancakes. What a choice! The kimchi pancakes, all vegan, were so tasty and topped with bok choy and some other veggies. This dish was a winner.

Look forward to hitting up City o City next time I’m in Denver!

Hartford, CT

21 Oak- I have driven many times from NYC>Boston and back and I am so glad to have found this small vegan cafe, off the highway just outside of Hartford CT (technically in Manchester CT). I was on the run and got the hummus wrap and a salad. Both were good and reasonably priced. There menu has a bunch of really good options and I look forward like to getting back there to check out a few more dishes. 

So cool to find plant based restaurants in places you'd might not expect! There seemed to be a really nice community vibe happening in there, which is just what I hope for a spot like that. 21 Oak, keep doing what you do!


By Chloe- In the midst of a super busy NYC work day, I was in the West Village with friend and we ducked into By Chloe to check it out. I have heard alot of people talking about it, as well as lots of love for them on instagram from the NYC vegan community. The vibe is pretty 'fast foodie', it was packed but the line moved fast and the wait for our food was not long.

We got the Guac Burger and the Quinoa taco salad. They both were very good, although you get more bang for your buck with the salad, as the burger was close to $12 and came with no sides (sorry but way too expensive)

In spite of the prices, the quality was great and they were quick, which both must be big factors as to why this place is so popular. Also I give them credit for being 100% vegan, using 'some' organic ingredients, strictly non GMO ingredients and offering gluten free (for an extra $2.50- ouch!!). NYC has tons of incredible plant based and healthy restaurants but By Chloe does fit a niche that seems to be doing quite well and is definitely worth checking out if near one of their locations.

Juice for the Soul

If you've followed me for a while, you know I am more of a smoothie guy than a  juice guy for a multitude of reasons... But every once in a while I just gotta have some veggie juice!! This recipe is inspired by one of my favorite spots the Boston area- Life Alive. I make it at home and recommend experimenting with different amounts of the the ingredients until you find your desired taste and intensity! This nutrient packed juice is made with:

Carrot, Apple, Turmeric, Ginger, Lemon, Cinnamon, Apple Cider Vinegar.

Philadelphia, PA

Falafel Hummus and Juice Bar- I was hungry before the show in the Fishtown section of Philly and didn't have much time. I was quite fortunate to find this little spot. The owner greeted me with a smile and assured me what I was ordering was vegan.

I got the veggie platter and was not disappointed. There are only a few tables and the vibe is very laid back and the prices are affordable. Definitely nothing fancy but that was just what I was looking for. Philly has many great spots for healthy eaters and Falafel Hummus is no exception.

Workout inspiration

I mentioned David Goggins as an inspiration in one of my recent instagram posts. He is truly hardcore.

I started doing a workout that he recommended called nickels and dimes- sets of 5 pull ups and 10 push ups, every minute for 15 minutes minimum. I've been doing about 20 minutes, getting to 100 pull ups and 200 push ups, keeping focused on good form throughout. Working to an hour with no breaks. Here I am today after 5 miles of interval sprints and then nickel and dimes- worked but energized! 

Here are some links to what David Goggins is all about:

and the full article: