Good find after my run outside of Philly

Raw Can Roll Cafe- After a good run in Valley Forge National Park, I found this vegan cafe in Wayne, right next to the Whole Foods. The owner is such nice guy and made me a giant smoothie bowl. It was so good that I had to bring the band back for lunch before we headed out of town. So cool to see a small local spot with such healthy food options in that area. The portion sizes are so generous, the kale salad is enormous!

If you are in the area, please support Raw Can Roll! This place is on point.

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Swimming on the road is so doable

Triathlon training on tour. While you guys know about my constant running while I travel, this post is to report to the homies how easy (and inexpensive) it is to do swim training while touring. I swim in most of cities we hit up and almost always do it for $10 or less.  The YMCA is all over the place and the other thing I search for are recreation centers. Rec Centers are great for the community! Usually these pools are mellow and I consistently have my own lane (which is unheard of at the parks pool where I train in NYC). A bunch of friends have told me how much they dig swimming on the road, so with them in mind I'm going to work on a list of pools that I swim in all over the world while on tour. I'll be posting that in the next few days and feel free to add suggestions!

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Superfood Bar now in Denver!!

Superfood Bar- One of my favorite spots out there and Nola highlight, Superfood Bar is now open for business in Denver. Around a year ago, Superfood guru Joseph Stone launched the Denver location and it appears to be going great. Denver is fortunate to have this addition to its array of healthy food options. The smoothies are incredible and you pretty much can't go wrong with any order at Superfood Bar. I love the wraps as well (pictured). Any trip to Denver will now always take me to the Superfood Bar after a morning workout. 

PS Soon to be released: Tourganic Podcast with Joseph Stone of Superfood Bar. Joseph drops tons of gems on living healthy and how to craft a diet on that will sustain you on the road.


Ironman 70.3

So stoked to have completed my first Ironman 70.3 race. It was a great experience and looking forward to the next. The training continues as the next race is in August and 2 more in September. Definitely felt the heat near the end of the ru portion on some of the ascents and my run time dipped a bit below what I normally pace at in races but I made up for it with a pretty smokin fast bike section (which I wasn't expecting!)

IM703 Finish 1.jpg

TTP #13- Bassist Pete Shand: Purveyor of Heavy Low Frequency in a Groovy Style

New Tourganic Podcast episode!

This episode's guest is bassist Pete Shand from the New Mastersounds. Pete is a road warrior and has been through the hard partying cycle of touring and now is striving to create a more sustainable way of life on the road through a plant-based diet and daily stretching routines. Physical issues with his back also forced Pete to take a hard look at touring lifestyle and search for answers on how to continue to keep bringing his talents to the world.

In this conversation:

  • His daughters influence on going vegetarian and finding a healthy way to maintain on the road

  • Making the most of your time offstage while on tour to improve your show performance 

  • The importance of stretching for his back problems and physical issues

  • Daily plantbased protein shake w flax/chia seeds coconut water and garden of life greens

  • Avoiding burnout over years on the road

  • Getting back to show ready before tours

  • Discipline of being in the military and transferring those skills after discharge

  • Perspective gained from traveling

  • Link of simplicity and vegetarian diet

  • Preparation for gigs and constantly feeling like you have to work harder than the next guy 

  • The role of the bass player

Pete Shand1.JPG

New Podcast Episode feat. Kalmia Traver

This episode's guest is Kalmia Traver- singer, saxophone player, songwriter, band leader and completely inspiring individual Kalmia Traver from the bands Rubblebucket and Kalbells. We cover a lot of territory in this episode from her transformation as a sax player in the horn section to front woman of an successful touring band. Her battle with cancer and the amazing story of touring while undergoing treatment and what helped her get through that time to her current state of living cancer free. We talk about how that experience affected her diet and the discipline to maintain that level of nutrition on the road. We also get into how mindfulness and meditation was a crucial factor in her survival and ability to thrive in the face of adversity. Kalmia's story is an inspiration to all of us who face tough challenges in our lives and how to look those straight in the face and beat them back. Her ability to thrive in the toughest of moments is incredible.

In this conversation:

  • Transformation from section sax player to frontwoman

  • ‘Cancer Tour’- How that reality shaped her growth as a performer and transcended to a mindfulness practice

  • Inspiration sources- Tara Brock Podcast, Power of Now- Eckhart Tolle, Kelly Brogan- Melding eastern and Western healing techniques

  • Touring with Cancer and the affect on diet and nutrition. Whole foods, organic, No sugar, No meat, minimal grains/seeds must be sprouted, sour dough bread, goat milk but no dairy, greens and veggies, lots of fats, fermented foods

  • Salad Backpack!! And touring with a Nutribullet

  • Playing shows and performing while fighting cancer causes a shift in perspective and elevated the connection with fans

  • Sowing the seeds of self love and working to eliminate insecurities

  • "The best career is the one that combines your greatest strengths with fulfilling what the world needs the most"

  • Breaking through exhaustion and physical ’barriers’ on tour

  • Rising above our perceived capabilities

  • The healing process of creativity and Kalmia's goal of not only healing herself but others through music

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    Tourganic Podcast Theme song 'The Path' written by David Bailis and this episode's musical interludes by Kalbells

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TTP #10- Wenzl McGowen on his Spiritual Journey and its Impact on his Life and his Saxophone Playing

Wenzl McGowen is an incredible force on the saxophone and member of the band Moon Hooch. This episode includes practical life advice for the touring musician, why the band went vegan together, the depth of the impact that meditation has had on his life as a musician and well constructed concepts about the nature of the universe and cosmos. We cover lots of ground in this episode from his upbringing on a completely isolated commune in Portugal to his touring life with Moon Hooch. In this conversation:

  • The dynamics of touring with a band and concepts of conflict/resolution

  • Playing in the moment and striving for freedom with his instrument and the tools he is using to achieve the 'flow state'
  • Wenzl's path of Meditation. How he got into it, what it means and how it has manifested on his life including how meditation has transformed his stage experience

  • Upbringing in a commune in Portugal. Lessons learned from his father who created and ran the commune and turning negative experiences into positive lessons in life

  • Making the transition from living completely isolated on a commune with no outside influence to coming to NYC at age 18 for school

  • How and why Wenzl became vegan. The significance of the band doing it together

  • How Moon Hooch tours maintaining health on the road. Bringing a portable kitchen, cooking in the green room, foraging for wild plants and supporting co-ops

  • Daily and pre-show rituals on tour

  • Goals with his saxophone playing: Strategies to break out of preconceived patterns and musical ‘vocabularies’ and evolve to a system more based on numbers and shapes. How he is implementing this concept

  • Influential books and documentaries in his life

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    Tourganic Podcast Theme song 'The Path' written by David Bailis and this episode's musical interludes by Moon Hooch

 Photo Credit: Matthew Dimas

Photo Credit: Matthew Dimas

TTP #9- Drummer and Animal Rights Activist Tom Garrington on the Power of Questioning the Status Quo as a Musician and Vegan Advocate

Tom Garrington is not only a great drummer but also a committed vegan, animal rights activist and outspoken advocate for the plant-based movement. In this conversation:

  • The "Best Speech You'll Ever Hear" and the moment where Tom's life changed direction and he became a strict vegan
  • How Tom has been able to positively affect so many others and help them make the transition to a vegan diet
  • The concept of voting with your dollar and the power we possess as consumers
  • Developing the skills to face adversary and see difficult moments as oppurtunities for growth
  • Specific documentaries, Vlogs, websites, activists and books that have been influential in Tom's path to veganism
  • How important keeping an open mind has been in Tom's success as a musician and in his learning about the impacts of veganism 

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Tommy Garrington Pic.png

TTP #7- Trumpet Player Eric Benny Bloom on the Importance of Gaining Knowledge and Taking Chances

Eric Benny Bloom is the trumpet player extraordinaire from the bands Lettuce, Pretty Lights and his group Sonic Bloom. Eric is both hilarious and insightful when it comes to discussing health on the road.

In this conversation:

  • What factors contributed to Eric making the transition to being vegan and how that affected his life overall and as a musician on the road
  • What making the transition to a plant-based diet did for Eric’s trumpet playing
  • Making the move to New Orleans and what continues to inspire him about being a part of the musicians community in NOLA
  • Living as a vegan in New Orleans, a city traditionally characterized with a diet rich in animal products
  • Show preparation, his diet on show days and eating before performances
  • The importance of being truly educated about your endeavors and taking chances in life

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Tourganic Podcast Theme song 'The Path' written by David Bailis and this episode's musical interludes by Eric Benny Bloom


Austin, TX

Wheatsville Food Co-op- There are some great plant-based vegan options in Austin. The small city has numerous vegan food trucks, restaurants/cafes, of course the original Whole Foods Market but I like to support their local co-op. Wheatsville Food Co-op is a great local market that offers healthy food for the community at a good price. I love the prepared foods section which has a juice/smoothie bar, taco/burritos made to order and a full organic salad bar. We came through Austin on our way to a festival and grateful we stopped through Wheatsville Food Co-op for a nutritious meal and to pick up some supplies for the road.

Austin Co-op.JPG


On Sunday, I raced in my fourth triathlon in a five week period. These were my first triathlons and I just began swim training for the first time less than 6 months ago. I was racing the Olympic distance and I did one sprint race. At the race 2 weeks ago, I was 3rd in my age group and my run pace was 6:38 per mile, which I was happy with. Tri racing is an endeavor that I will continue and I am excited to learn ways to improve my time specifically on the swim and bike. A few quick notes:

I completed these races with no gatorade/sugary strangely colored drinks, no gels or processed foods along the way. Simply whole foods and water. I will do a specific post about my race nutrition but happy to report that it is indeed possible to thrive without sugary processed foods/drinks, which seem to be everywhere in these races.

Another truly great positive I took away from these races was the tremendous sense of community and support from other racers, the staff and fans. So cool to connect with others in a positive way especially in a world where these interactions with strangers can sometimes be infrequent.