TTP #10- Wenzl McGowen on his Spiritual Journey and its Impact on his Life and his Saxophone Playing

Wenzl McGowen is an incredible force on the saxophone and member of the band Moon Hooch. This episode includes practical life advice for the touring musician, why the band went vegan together, the depth of the impact that meditation has had on his life as a musician and well constructed concepts about the nature of the universe and cosmos. We cover lots of ground in this episode from his upbringing on a completely isolated commune in Portugal to his touring life with Moon Hooch. In this conversation:

  • The dynamics of touring with a band and concepts of conflict/resolution

  • Playing in the moment and striving for freedom with his instrument and the tools he is using to achieve the 'flow state'
  • Wenzl's path of Meditation. How he got into it, what it means and how it has manifested on his life including how meditation has transformed his stage experience

  • Upbringing in a commune in Portugal. Lessons learned from his father who created and ran the commune and turning negative experiences into positive lessons in life

  • Making the transition from living completely isolated on a commune with no outside influence to coming to NYC at age 18 for school

  • How and why Wenzl became vegan. The significance of the band doing it together

  • How Moon Hooch tours maintaining health on the road. Bringing a portable kitchen, cooking in the green room, foraging for wild plants and supporting co-ops

  • Daily and pre-show rituals on tour

  • Goals with his saxophone playing: Strategies to break out of preconceived patterns and musical ‘vocabularies’ and evolve to a system more based on numbers and shapes. How he is implementing this concept

  • Influential books and documentaries in his life

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    Tourganic Podcast Theme song 'The Path' written by David Bailis and this episode's musical interludes by Moon Hooch

Photo Credit: Matthew Dimas

Photo Credit: Matthew Dimas

TTP #3- Garrett Sayers on Music, the Evolution of his Healthy Diet and Living a Gluten Free Plant-based Diet on the Road

Virtuoso bass player Garrett Sayers has been laying down killer bass lines for his band the Motet for over a decade. As the band continues to tour nonstop, he has been a consistent example of how living healthy on the road is possible. Throughout his great career, Garrett has performed alongside a host of amazing artists and leads his own trio as well.

In this conversation:

  • Garrett's path and why/how he went plant-based and how that decision has affected his ability to thrive on the road, overall wellbeing and happiness. 
  • The point in which Garrett had reached his limit with physical pain and discomfort and cured his ailments through the process of an Elimination Diet.
  • The revelation of living a gluten free, plant-based vegan diet and the benefits that brought for him.
  • Connections between the discipline of health and music and how there is really no difference in his approach to both of these essential aspects of his life

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The Tourganic Podcast: Episode #2- Bass Player Jordan Scannella's Path to Healthy Living

Bass player Jordan Scannella is a force to be reckoned with. Jordan constantly tours internationally with the group Tortured Soul and manages to do this while living a plant-based lifestyle focused on health and maintaining wellness. Years ago, Jordan had a crazy experience of a 3 month prison stint in Japan for a minor offense and during that time he wrote all the lyrics for his first solo album, which grew to him fronting his own hiphop/funk band- Jorscan. In this conversation:

  • Jordan's path and why/how he went plant-based and how that decision has affected his overall wellbeing and ability to thrive on the road. 
  • How a juice fast propelled Jordan into a higher state of awareness of diet and how that transcended into his musicality and all aspects of his life.
  • Jordan's run in with the law and incarceration for possession of a tiny amount of pot in Japan. How he took something that could have shook his psyche and derailed his career and turned it into a truly positive force in his life that continues to affect him daily. 

Beyond being a extremely gifted bass player and overall musician, Jordan is great human being with much wisdom to offer to the world. His path is an inspiration and I hope you enjoy the second episode of the Tourganic podcast. 

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