Austin, TX

Wheatsville Food Co-op- There are some great plant-based vegan options in Austin. The small city has numerous vegan food trucks, restaurants/cafes, of course the original Whole Foods Market but I like to support their local co-op. Wheatsville Food Co-op is a great local market that offers healthy food for the community at a good price. I love the prepared foods section which has a juice/smoothie bar, taco/burritos made to order and a full organic salad bar. We came through Austin on our way to a festival and grateful we stopped through Wheatsville Food Co-op for a nutritious meal and to pick up some supplies for the road.

Austin Co-op.JPG

Charlottesville, VA

 Integral Yoga- Wow what a score in Charlottesville! The smoothies and juices here are incredible! The combo of all organic ingredients and super creative recipes made me wish I lived closer so I could try everything on the menu. The juice bar is in the back of a health food store, which has a nice vibe and is well stocked and has good prices They have a small prepared foods section, as well as a good bulk section which is always crucial for the healthy traveler. Next time I'm back in Charlottesville, you know where to find me!

Portland, OR

Prasad- Prasad is one of my go to's every time we play in the great city of Portland. Luckily it was a short walk from the Crystal Ballroom where we played on this last tour. Prasad has great juices, smoothies, breakfast and lunch options but their 'bowls' are the star of the menu. I love the Dragon bowl, which comes with brown rice/quinoa, beans, steamed greens, avocado, sea vegetables, cabbage-apple kimchi, scallions, hemp & sesame seeds and your choice of a homemade sauce. These entrees are so wholesome, nutritious and a solid deal as well at $10.50.

I truly don't think you can go wrong with any of the options at Prasad. This place is a total winner! There are so many great spots in Portland and Prasad no exception! I highly recommend Prasad for the hungry traveler looking for healthy plantbased options in Portland.

Los Angeles, CA

Green Grotto- What a find in downtown LA! Green Grotto is small spot on Spring st that offers organic juices, smoothies and acai bowls. I got the Green Juice , which was great but the star was the acai bowl. These guys do it right. Definitely an inspiring Acai Bowl. This spot is in a tiny mall area in between 2 blocks. You can easily miss it (I did!) I played tennis at the YMCA and worked out so I was ready for some plantpowered nourishment and Green Grotto juice bar did the trick in a major way!

New York, NY

Candle Cafe- Always happy to do a post on a local favorite- Candle Cafe has been a staple in the NYC plantbased community since 1993! This Upper East Side organic, vegan restaurant offers amazing salads, veggie burgers, entrees and has a juice bar as well. I’ve never been disappointed with what I ordered at Candle. On my recent trip, I had the portobello and black bean burger, which is made in house and is stellar. I love to get the 'Good Food Plate', which entrée of sides where you can choose 4 sides and 2 sauces- You can’t go wrong with that option. The prices are up there but not out of hand, especially for UES Manhattan organic. While the salads are a bit small for the price, in general, the portion sizes are on point. Also fyi, Candle Cafe has a more upscale sister restaurant a few blocks away called Candle 79, which is getting into full on gourmet dining- plantbased style. I usually stick with the more casual vibe of the original Candle Cafe. The space is bright, clean and the staff is always super friendly. If you are in NYC and looking for a healthy option for lunch/dinner, Candle Cafe is always a great spot to check out.

Charlottesville, VA

The Juice Place- What a crucial stop on a long drive from a festival in West Virginia heading to Richmond, VA. Charlottesville came though for us with this juice, smoothie and health food spot in the downtown area. They have smoothie and acai bowls, veggie juice, superfood boosters and other good options. The green smoothie bowl I got was so good! As was the juice. I got the 'Cold Kicker' juice and they let me substitute parsley and kale instead of apple. I also had the 'Rich Green" smoothie bowl (No kefir add banana). It was awesome! Just what I needed. They had some organic produce listed but not 100% OG. Overall, the prices were great, they were fast and although not the most creative name, 'The Juice Place' is a total winner!

Plymouth, MA

Vela- We played a show near Cape Cod last weekend and was I ever happy to find this spot in the morning. Vela is a great juice/smoothie bar with some few foods options as well- such as quinoa salad, chia pudding and overnight oats. They also have superfood boosters like hemp protein, flax seeds, green powder and chia seeds. Plymouth is a bit out of the way but if you find yourself passing through this old New England town, I recommend a stop at Vela for some healthy goodness.


Boston, MA

Life Alive- Life Alive is such a winner! Located in Central Square, this organic cafe has a smoothie/juice bar as well as great food options, made to order salads, plates and wraps. Everything I have gotten from Life Alive has been on point. On this trip, I ordered the 'Superhero Alive' green juice made with: Carrot, apple, ginger, spirulina, garlic, and apple cider vinegar. This juice was amazing! A very nice mix of sweet and savory. I also got the goddess wrap, which was exceptionally good. The vibe is very casual, you order at the counter and find your seat in the main area, outside or downstairs. I like the decor as well- Life Alive has funky vibe. As if all that wasn't enough, the prices here are totally reasonable. These guys definitely are doing it right all around- if in the Boston area looking to eat healthy, Life Alive is a great option.

Life alive1

Washington, DC

Greenheart Juice Shop-  I was so glad to find this place just a few blocks from the venue we were playing in DC. Greenheart is actually in the Georgetown neighborhood of DC, which is pretty upscale, so things tend to be expensive in this area. Greenheart is no exception, as it was $10 for a 16 oz juice but hey- all organic veggie green juice does come with a price tag. These guys do the cold pressed juice thing well and they also have various nut milks, cleansing concoctions and housemade granola. Everything they had looked great. The green juice I had was called the Rooster and was made with spinach, kale, cucumber, celery, broccoli, parsley and lemon. Perfect juice ingredients and they serve it in a glass jar! Greenheart is a solid juice spot with a hefty price tag but if in need of a juice in that neighborhood, this is the place for you.

New Orleans, LA

Green Fork- Green fork is a great juice/smoothie bar that has pre packaged salads and meals as well. Man was I happy to find this place when I 1st came upon it! The vibe is super causal and they close early, I think around 4pm everyday so I usually hit Green Fork for my morning or afternoon health boost. They use organic produce and the juice menu is pretty much off the chain! The veggie and/or fruit combos are amazing and whoever curated the juice/smoothie menu definitely knows what's up! The salads are really good as well. Green Fork is expensive (not outrageous) so be prepared and just feels a bit pricy for everything but gotta remember organic juice is not cheap to make!  Green Fork is located n the beautiful Garden District and It is not far from the CBD, where many of the hotels are (plus where we usually stay) so I often stop by here after a good morning workout or some tennis in NOLA. They have at least one other location in town as well. Definitely check out Green Fork when in New Orleans and looking for some healthy goodness! 

Eugene, OR

Coalesce- Super cool vegan food truck in Eugene. We had an afternoon radio performance and I was glad to find Coalesce a block away from the station. Coalesce is entirely vegan, organic and gluten free. They are primarily raw but have a few hot and cooked items as well. They have an extensive juice menu. I had an amazing Spinach Portabella soup with a small superfood salad. Both were great! The prices were steep but as I've said before, quality comes with a price tag!


Sacramento, CA

Sacramento Natural Foods Co-op- This is such a great health market! We always stop here when we are in or passing through Sacramento. It is truly one of our regular stops in NorCal. They have a great juice bar and prepared foods section. The salad bar is small but totally organic and has anything you would want. They also have a solid bulk section. Overall, Sacramento Co-op has good prices and awesome healthy options. Highly recommended by Tourganic!

Albany. NY

Honest Weight Co-Op- This is an awesome organic, health market in Albany, NY. It is huge and has tons of grocery items at pretty fair prices. The prepared foods world is extensive! The've got a full juice/smoothie bar as well as a big salad bar with a bunch of organic items. The soups were on point as well. I got a seriously good Juice/smoothie, the Swamp Thing, which was green juice, wheatgrass juice, blended with spirulina, hemp seeds and some other healthy additions and is highly recommended! What a killer stop if your in or passing though Albany.

Honest Weight

Seattle, WA

Healeo- What a great juice bar/café in Seattle! I highly recommend Healeo, if looking for a good healthy stop. After a high energy show the previous night, an 8-mile run and gym session in the morning and I seriously needed to refuel. I got a ‘Superfood Acai Bowl’ with goji berries and peanut protein powder. Sooo Good! I also had a green juice with all veggies, which was great as well. Healeo is mostly raw, however there were a few cooked/hot dishes. The prices aren’t cheap but totally reasonable and well worth it, given that it is all organic. There were so many other items on the menu that I wanted to try. Looking forward to hitting this spot up again next time I’m in Seattle! 

Newport, TN

The Mustard Seed/Back to the Garden Deli- Whoa, what a find in Newport TN!!! This place is so great and in quite a small town. We topped here on our way from Asheville, NC to Louisville, KY. Truly healthy vegan and gluten free options and organic! They make their own almond milk, veggie burgers and most other items are made in house. Back to the Garden is a small business run by a family, which makes it even more more awesome. The owner is very passionate about health and has owned this place for 12 years. It's really affordable and priced fairly. Can't say enough good things about this spot. If you are in the area or passing through, check it out.

Eureka, CA

Eureka Natural Foods- We hit Eureka Natural Foods in the morning on the way out of town heading to SF. They have great juice bar with organic items. I got a green juice and a great post workout smoothie with Hemp protein. My buddy Greg from our crew was asking me why I get Hemp protein not whey. I’m a huge fan of plant-based proteins and whey is derived from dairy so it is not vegan. Gotta keep my post workout smoothie plant-based! The prepared foods section was a bit underwhelming but the salad bar and juice bar did the job. Overall, Eureka Natural Foods is a decent market and good juice bar.

Grass Valley, CA

Briar Patch Co-Op- Grass Valley has a great Co-op here. There aren’t too many options in this town. We stopped here for breakfast/some juices. The juice bar has great options and is pretty reasonably priced. They had a full salad bar, soups and a small but good prepared food section. I had a great workout and run in the AM, so I got a post workout green smoothie with hemp protein. I also got some good salads for the drive. There was this guy playing banjo and singing old timey music out front, loved that!


Philadelphia, PA

FuelThis spot is actually located in a suburb of Philly. Ardmore PA, where we played at the Ardmore music Hall. Just down the block from the venue, I found this place Fuel.  It was a quick, healthy cafe. I like the casual order at the counter vibe. The prices are pretty good and there were alot of options on the menu. They had veggie juice and rice bowls, which looked great but I went with the fuel chopped salad which was just what I needed. Definitely recommend this place if your looking for a quick, casual, healthy meal.

**The venue, Ardmore Music Hall also had a good restaurant with a Mediterranean flare. The cook was accommodating to our dietary requests and the ambiance was cool.


Petaluma, CA

Fruit In MotionGood juice/smoothie bar in downtown Petaluma, located right next to the theater/venue we were playing I wasn't crazy about the smoothie options but the juice I got was great and organic! Don't let the name fool you, they have veggie juice options as well. I ordered the Work Blends with no apple and extra ginger and it was awesome. $8 for 24 ounce isn't bad. They also have 16 ounce for $6. If your looking for a good veggie juice in Petaluma, this is the spot.