New Orleans, LA

Green Fork- Green fork is a great juice/smoothie bar that has pre packaged salads and meals as well. Man was I happy to find this place when I 1st came upon it! The vibe is super causal and they close early, I think around 4pm everyday so I usually hit Green Fork for my morning or afternoon health boost. They use organic produce and the juice menu is pretty much off the chain! The veggie and/or fruit combos are amazing and whoever curated the juice/smoothie menu definitely knows what's up! The salads are really good as well. Green Fork is expensive (not outrageous) so be prepared and just feels a bit pricy for everything but gotta remember organic juice is not cheap to make!  Green Fork is located n the beautiful Garden District and It is not far from the CBD, where many of the hotels are (plus where we usually stay) so I often stop by here after a good morning workout or some tennis in NOLA. They have at least one other location in town as well. Definitely check out Green Fork when in New Orleans and looking for some healthy goodness!