Eugene, OR

Morning Glory- This is my staple in Eugene. Awesome old school, vegetarian, healthy spot. They are only open until 3:30pm (so plan accordingly!) Morning Glory has a comfy vibe and the prices are totally reasonable. They have amazing salads and pretty much everything on the menu seems to be great. Morning Glory has vegetarian brunch items- Some of there highlights are: '3 Sisters' their housemade mushroom gravy with sauteed veggies, 'The Bomblette' their take on an omelet with tons of veggies in a potato shell and as previousy mentioned the salads (with homemade dressings) are always great. They also have a small selection of fresh juices (carrot, grapefruit, orange) a fruit smoothie of the month and tons of teas and coffee. If in Eugeene for breakfast or lunch, Morning Glory is not to be missed.