Bloodroot Restaurant

Bloodroot- Very happy to be back in Bridgeport, CT for a few shows because we get to go back to the amazing Bloodroot restaurant. I've posted about them before and they are certainly worthy of a second post. This vegetarian restaurant has been open for nearly 40 years! Nole and Selma- the owners, are passionate about making this a special place and it shows. They are pioneers of the health movement.

The setting is almost like in someones house and they treat you like a guest. I love the relaxing feel and ambiance. I couldn't help but get the vegan tostadas again (pictured), which are fantastic. We also had a few of there tasty vegan soups.

The food is dynamite and when headed to Bloodroot, you can look forward to some great conversations with Nole and Selma. So happy to stop in again!!