Bridgeport, CT

Bloodroot- What a find in Bridgeport! Bloodroot is such a great restaurant and luckily was about a 10 minute walk from the venue. Bloodroot serves all plantbased, vegan food and is located in a residential neighborhood in what looks like a house! I had the tostadas, which were served with avocado, green rice and homemade jicama salsa. They were fantastic. I also had a good simple salad to start. Besides the great food, I was so happy to hear that Bloodroot has been open for 39 years!! The women that own Bloodroot are very committed to health and I was glad to make their aquaintance. Bloodroot is not cheap (about $19 for an entree) but the quality makes it worth it. I highly recommend coming to Bloodroot if in the area or if passing through!