TTP #6- Drummer Stephen Chopek on The Discipline of Persistence- How He Has Been so Consistent in Living a Disciplined Life on the Road- Daily Meditation, Fitness Routines and a Vegan Diet

Drummer Stephen Chopek is an inspiring example of someone who is committed and unwavering in his pursuit of health of mind, body and spirit on the road.

In this conversation:

  • Making the transition from career drummer sideman to front man and solo artist. What that progression has entailed and what he has learned.
  • Motivating factors in Chopek’s transition to being a plant-based vegan- Master Cleanse, empathy for Animals, listening to his body on tour in order to find out how he could perform at his highest level.
  • The life changing experience of doing a 10 day Vipassana silent meditation retreat and how that has manifested in his everyday life and his music i.e. the power of decision making, the concepts of impermanence and acceptance.
  • What Chopek gained by cutting out alcohol on the road and how that set him up for a morning routine that has enabled him to thrive.

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Tourganic Podcast Theme songs 'The Path' and 'Shirtmaker's Brawl' written by David Bailis and this episode's musical interludes by Stephen Chopek and Stephen Chopek/Charlie Hunter Live

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