Virginia Beach

Virginia Beach is a fun spot and I enjoy playing there but have found eating healthy to be difficult at times. There are some great juice/smoothie bars and vegetarian oriented cafes but many close by 4 or 5pm, which can leave the hungry musician out of luck.

That's why I want to post about Thai Arroy. I don't do Thai food to often because of the use of so much sugar and the prevalence fish sauce in the preparation of entrees. We were hungry after our festival show last weekend decided to check out Thai Arroy. We got there just before they closed at 10pm. Huge props to these guys for having a separate vegan menu!! Thats what motivated me to to go there, Very grateful that they are committed to serving plantbased dishes! Everyone loved what they got. Mine was spicy!!

Overall this place was a winner. The staff was friendly and the prices were reasonable as well. Check out Thai Arroy next time your in Virginia Beach!